Property Management

Will Nesbitt is the principal broker of Will Nesbitt Realty LLC / Condo Alexandria.  That means that he is responsible for supervising all real estate related activities for this brokerage including all property management. However, just as the broker doesn’t handle every detail of your sale or listing, the broker has delegated many responsibilities in property management to our agent Julie Nesbitt.  If you have questions about property management, landlords, status of rental applications, inspections and so on, please coordinate with Julie.  If you try to coordinate with Will he will probably forget what you tell him and he probably won’t have answers to the questions you pose.

Will supervises the property management. Julie does the property management.


In general we charge 6.5% of monthly rent to manage most properties. We also charge extra for the following:

  • Additional fee of $2.50 for direct deposit
  • Quarterly inspection — Once every 3 months we pay a handyman to inspect the properties. There is a $35 charge for this inspection.

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