After a client registers for our website, they have the option of contacting us to see a specific property.  These are real people who are likely buyers and renters.  You must call these people quickly or you will lose the opportunity to do business with them.  Always ask the potential client if they are working with another Realtor. If they have a Realtor refer them to that Realtor. If they do not have a Realtor, find out why they are interested in this particular home and make suggestions that are relevant. Set up an appointment to see the property they selected, but try to set up an appointment to see other homes as well. Make sure you give an agency disclosure and explain that you are required to get them to sign the disclosure. At the appointment make sure you repeat your agency disclosure and use the appointment as an opportunity to sell the value you add.  If they see the value you add they will be happy to sign the agency disclosure and set up their next appointment.