Getting Paid


After the sale, assemble the following documents:


After the sale closes, assemble the following documents:


If you are representing a renter, assemble and turn in this email when you turn in the application. This is important because some brokers are late pay and some are no pay. We won’t know to collect unless you turn in your package.

  • Proof of your work. Any ONE of the following will suffice:
    • Application, or;
    • MLS print out with your name, or;
    • Lease.
  • completed commission invoice

Rental Listing

If you are representing a landlord, assemble and turn in this email when your listing rents.

How to turn in your package

We have a small office and if we saved every piece of paper we would soon be out of space and full of reams of paper.  So we are storing all inactive/completed transactions as PDF’s rather than saving folders.  When you have assembled the necessary documents, scan or otherwise create PDF’s from these documents and email that package to Julie.  Put all of the necessary documents in one email.  Because we’re trying to get rid of paper we’re generating more emails.  If you send multiple emails we’ll have to track down your package and assemble it for you.  Once everything is submitted the broker will review and authorize payment.

If you would prefer you can turn in your paperwork as a hardcopy.  Be aware that if you do this the brokerage will charge an administrative fee of $25 per transaction to scan your documents and store your files.

commission invoice — PDF

completed commission invoice – Word

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