How to Create Content In A Snap

Step 1 – Login

Login to the site here – You can quick on that link or copy and paste this into your browser:

Step 2 – Get to the Generator

In the left hand navigation bar, find “Post Generator”. Click on Post Generator.

If you can’t find Post Generator, hit Ctrl+F and then type “Post Generator”.

Step 3 – Select Criteria

criteria selection panel

That will open up a panel that looks like this. First choose an article template.  If you choose “Random” the system will choose a template for you.  The templates are various forms of articles. Try them out to find out which ones you like most.

Then use “Listing Location” and “Value” to select an area that you would like to focus on.  For example, Type: City and Value: Springfield or Type: Zip and Value: 22202.

Set Custom Agent Author allows you to write articles for someone else. In other words, if you’re too busy to make articles you can pay someone else to write articles for you.

Step 4: Generate and Edit

Press generate and let the machine do its work.  The generated article will be mostly a finished product. But you have to proof it for errors. It’s based on data from the MLS and as we know agents don’t always put in the best data in the MLS. Bad data will lead to bad articles. Sometimes you might want to delete a picture.  It’s almost always a good idea to add your smiling face to the article.

Step 5: Click Post Generator and Do It Again

I recommend that you produce 3 to 10 articles each day. It will take months to see results.  But you will see results and good things will happen.