Never talk trash.

Never waste your valuable time talking ill of other agents. It won’t benefit you and makes you look weak.  In the event that you learn that another agent is talking about you, call that agent and tell him why you believe that the agent was talking about you.  Then politely ask him to mind his own business. If the agent won’t observe this professional courtesy, contact me so that I can contact that agent’s broker.

Always ask if there is a second mortgage!

When you represent a seller always take time to ask about liens against the house.  Most homes will have a mortgage and some will have a second mortgage. Always assume there is a second mortgage and ask the seller the amount of the second mortgage.  This can prevent troublesome surprises when you get to closing.

Buying a Fannie Mae Property

I’ll be writing an offer for a Fannie Mae property today. Your client needs to know that Fannie Mae often prefers to have the contract on their own paper—on other words, they prefer the language in their contract over the language in the NVAR contract.  Additionally, Fannie Mae homes generally start with a good price. If the home doesn’t sell at that price Fannie Mae will lower the price. But they usually won’t bargain much off the price they have listed.  They usually put 3% for concessions into the price.

Patience is a virtue.

About a year to six months ago, I showed Mike J. some properties.  We looked here and there, high and low.  Then he disappeared. And I didn’t here from him from a long while. Last week he contacted me and said he’s ready to buy.  He’ll be moving to Midtown Alexandria and we expect to ratify a contract shortly.

New policies

Thanks for checking out the Agents’ Handbook. As time goes by I’m going to build this into a very impressive resource for you to use.  For now, you may just want to click around and see what we have. Here are some highlights:

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Do you have the right email disclosure?

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that you disclose brokerage at the end of all emails.  Therefore, your email signature should contain the following disclosure:

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O: 703 765 0300
Optionally you can also uses this one:


Your email signature must contain the following disclosure:

Will Nesbitt Realty LLC at Condo Alexandria
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